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Python Developer / Data Engineer
City: Montreal OR Toronto Province: Quebec Country: Canada
Posted: 2/10/2019 Expires: 5/26/2019 Start: ASAP
Type: Permanent Travel: TBA Dress Code: business casual
Job Description:

Calliere is a search firm that specializes in early stage and established Montreal and Toronto-based technology companies. A disruptor on the global fintech stage is looking for a programmer proficient in Python, NoSQL, Linux, and a hunger to learn and share your knowledge.

The Python Dev / Data Engineer focus on transforming messy, unstructured data into clean, structured datasets ready for use in machine learning applications. You’ll work collaboratively with various teams of Developers and Researchers to understand how data must be structured, then create scripts to extract, load and transform raw data. On any given day, you may be involved in a broad set of tasks that range from working with distributed systems and creating data monitoring services to writing an API for developer access.


- Have a post-secondary degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent;
- Love to geek out about technology and can’t wait to create massive impact;
- Experience with writing modular, robust, scalable software in Python 3.x;
- Comfortable working with a variety of SQL, NoSQL and graph databases like PostgreSQL, OrientDB and MongoDB;
- Excellent knowledge and industry experience with distributed computing technologies like Hadoop, Spark, mldb, HBase and Hive;
- Experience with data pipeline integration using cloud platforms like AWS and Azure;
- Familiarity with the Unix command line and bash scripting;
- Experience with data visualization using D3.js, plotly or other open-source libraries;
- Exposure to Deep Learning packages such as Tensorflow, Theano, Keras and PyTorch.
- Excellent interpersonal skills and a sense of humour

What Python will be used for:

Python is used for quick development where ideas must be evaluated rapidly or applications built on aggressive time frames. Sometimes programs are left in Python. Where execution speed is paramount, Python is used to prove the concept and then is moved to C++ in some instances. Python is used for all scripting and quick fixes.

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