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Freelance Recruiter (remote)
City: Montreal Province: Quebec Country: Canada
Posted: 7/4/2018 Expires: 10/12/2018 Start: ASAP
Type: Contract_and_Permanent Travel: TBA Dress Code: Business casual
Job Description:

We are hoping to find Recruiters who are interested in either working on the agency side with us. We're a boutique recruiting firm specializing in 'IT' oriented jobs in all verticals.

We need;

.. Help with the overflow of jobs we're actively recruiting for.
.. Someone who's been in sales/recruitment, and works well with people.
.. A freelancer who can hit the ground running, and aspires for big payouts.
.. Understands the fundamentals of technology: SDLCs, Infrastructures, all-that-is-web, and / or expertise in a relevant niche (Java, PHP, Ruby, or whatever).
.. Someone who can help people open up.
.. Someone who can help a Candidate evaluate their suitability for any given job.
.. A Recruiter!


.. Experience Recruiting IT professionals, or involved in "IT" related sales with an interest in exploring the recruitment world.
.. Comfortable navigating through Recruitment Management Systems, or receptive to learning new systems relating to recruitment.
.. Comfortable navigating through online candidate pools / databases.
.. You must be able to manage your time. We strongly believe as a freelancer you're running your own business under our umbrella. As such, while we're always 100% ready to commit the time needed to bringing you 'online', you're on your own. We don't micromanage. The term makes us cringe.
.. Sense of humor. This job is an emotional roller-coaster. While the highs are amazing, the lows are brutal. So, being able to brush the dirt from your shoulder, sharing a laugh with the team, and getting back on the horse is crucial.

Initially, we want you to work with us as a freelancer. Should you agree in reasonable time that working with us is as enjoyable as we conclude working with you has been, then a home with our team will certainly be an option.

We want to help build businesses, advance peoples careers, and make good money along the way. If this speaks to you, don't settle at simply emailing us your CV. Make it happen!

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