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DevOps Engineer
City: Montreal Province: Quebec Country: Canada
Posted: 8/19/2018 Expires: 10/19/2018 Start: ASAP
Type: Permanent Travel: NA Dress Code: Casual
Job Description:

Our client is a firm operating in stealth mode, and reaping incredible successes to-date. They are an impressive presence in the technology side of financial services. This is all we can share for the time being.

The company is seeking a DevOps Systems Developer who will be able to handle core responsibilities for the optimization, implementation and support of our production and development environments for applications that implement our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence processing systems.

Qualified candidates will:

• Hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
• 5+ years experience developing and deploying software systems
• Know and love Linux and C++ (C++ being an asset, not mandatory). 

• Have extensive experience in build engineering and configuration management

• Fundamentally believe in the automation of everything
• Identify and report code flaws and optimization possibilities in Bash, Ruby, Java, Python, or C++
• Continuously identify areas of improvement for yourself and your team
• Mentoring skills across cross-functional teams

The perfect candidate will:

• Consider fast paced, high-pressure startup organization a natural environment

• Understand how to effectively take maximum advantage of every bit of compute, bandwidth and storage resources

• Intimately be familiar with Nagios, HA Proxy and Apache or Nginx

• Have developed and deployed client/server applications both web server based and brute socket based 

• Have some experience developing and deploying HPC and industrial grade software systems

• Understand concepts of Artificial Intelligence or Natural Language Processing or something similar.

• Work effectively independently as well as within a small cohesive team 

• Be Meticulous and understand that mistakes may cost millions of dollars

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